Badger State Games 2011

These are the event results for skaters from Madison

Last First Club Place Event Notes
Banks Maya Madison 13 ph341t Beginner UnRst FS
Baures Caitlyn Madison 6 ph323s Beginner Rst FS
Baures Caitlyn Madison 2 ph323e Beginner Rst FS Qual Round
Beck Anjali Madison 2 ph370c Bronze Artistic FS Qual Ro
Beck Anjali Madison 6 ph345t Preliminary UnRst FS
Beck Anjali Madison 3 ph305c Preliminary SP Qual Round
Beck Anjali Madison 3 ph305t Preliminary SP
Beck Anjali Madison 4 ph370t Bronze Artistic FS
Benson Bree Madison 1 ph385t Senior MIF
Benson Bree Madison 1 SD ph364x Silver Adult
Benson Bree Madison 1 ph368x Gold Interp FS
Blank Deborah Madison 6 ph321b Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Carlson Jessica Madison 1 SD ph360t Preliminary
Carlson Jessica Madison 2 ph307t PreJuv SP
Cook Ana Graham Madison 4 ph321r Ltd Beginner Rst FS
Cook Ana Graham Madison 3 ph321a Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Corten Maia Ramirez Madison 3 ph378r PrePreliminary MIF
Corten Maia Ramirez Madison 10 ph323r Beginner Rst Solo FS
Craft Dana Madison 5 ph331t Juvenile Rst FS
Crystallettes Madison Ice Madison 4 ph386r Basic Youth Synchro
Daggett Kayla Madison 3 ph343s PrePreliminary UnRst FS
Daggett Kayla Madison 2 ph379s Preliminary MIF
Dehner Isabelle Madison 5 ph319a Basic Rst FS Qual Round
Energy Madison Madison 1 ph387r Basic Teen Synchro
Fedyukina Daria Madison 1 ph323x Beginner Rst FS
Franzen Zoey Madison 5 ph325b PrePreliminary Rst FS Qual
Gibbons Kate Madison 8 ph321a Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Gibbons Kate Madison 7 ph378r PrePreliminary MIF
Hale Carri Madison 1 ph345x Preliminary UnRst FS
Hale Carri Madison 4 ph371x Silver Artistic Adult FS
Hale Chloe Madison 4 ph319a Basic Rst FS Qual Round
Harrington Kaitlyn Madison 1 ph384t Junior MIF
Harrington Kaitlyn Madison 3 ph309t Juvenile SP
Harrington Kaitlyn Madison 1 ph349t Juvenile UnRst FS
Herman Marissa Madison 3 ph311t Intermediate SP
Herman Marissa Madison 8 ph333t Intermediate Rst FS
Herman Marissa Madison 1 ph385t Senior MIF
Krogull Natalie Madison 2 ph303t PrePreliminary SP
Krogull Natalie Madison 5 ph343t PrePreliminary UnRst FS
Krogull Natalie Madison 2 ph381t Juvenile MIF
Larson Kate Madison 1 ph378t PrePreliminary MIF
Larson Kate Madison 12 ph341t Beginner UnRst FS
Last Abigail Madison 1 ph321b Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Last Abigail Madison 3 ph321s Ltd Beginner Rst FS
Marsland Jenny Madison 1 ph339t Senior Rst FS
Peden Molly Madison 4 ph323r Beginner Rst Solo FS
Peters Maisie Madison 5 ph323r Beginner Rst Solo FS
Petersen Courtney Madison 1 ph351t Intermediate UnRst FS
Petersen Courtney Madison 2 ph311t Intermediate SP
Pritchard Julia Madison 5 ph321d Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Pritchard Julia Madison 6 ph378r PrePreliminary MIF
Resnick Talia Madison 1 ph303s PrePreliminary SP
Resnick Talia Madison 1 ph370e Bronze Artistic FS Qual Ro
Resnick Talia Madison 1 ph370s Bronze Artistic FS
Resnick Talia Madison 1 ph343s PrePreliminary UnRst FS
Resnick Talia Madison 1 ph366s Bronze Interp FS
Rider Madeline Madison 4 ph341e Beginner UnRst FS Qual Rou
Romain Kathryn Madison 5 ph321a Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Romain Kathryn Madison 5 ph378r PrePreliminary MIF
Rzchowski Sophie Madison 4 ph349t Juvenile UnRst FS
Smecko Katelyn Madison 1 ph317t Senior SP
Threat Triple Madison 3 Team ph398r Platinum Entertainmen TIE
Wolenec Jessica Madison 5 ph321b Ltd Beginner Rst FS Qual R
Wong Naomi Madison 3 ph380s PreJuv MIF
Wong Naomi Madison 2 ph345s Preliminary UnRst FS
Zhang Jane Madison 5 ph371f Silver Artistic FS Qual Ro
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The results here are provided on a voluntary basis by the USFSA accountants that serve "behind the scenes" at every competition you attend. Be sure to thank them and the LOCs for all the work they do. All accountants are invited to send results from any competition that they serve.