Skate Detroit

These are the event results for skaters from Detroit SC

Last First Club Place Event Notes
Ball Lauren Detroit SC 6 Preliminary FS D
Bandol Annabella Detroit SC 6 No Test FS B
Becker Claire Detroit SC 7 No Test FS A
Biederman Erin Detroit SC 9 ?High Beginner FS
Bortman Jadyn Detroit SC 7 Juvenile B SP 20.20
Bortman Jadyn Detroit SC 4 Juvenile A FS 30.25
Boswell Mollie Detroit SC 14 Junior C Combined 78.26
Capitani Katelyn Detroit SC 8 PreliminaryFS C
Chakrabortty Kaya Detroit SC 6 Juvenile D FS 32.11
Chen Alison Detroit SC 9 PreliminaryFS B
Cohn Jason Detroit SC 10 Novice Men Combined 82.90
Dhar Rhea Detroit SC 10 Juvenile C FS 26.64
Dhar Rhea Detroit SC 6 Juvenile A SP 22.07
Falsetti Isabella Detroit SC 7 Junior Combined 90.47
Fitzpatrick Linzy Detroit SC 4 Juvenile B FS 28.83
Gallette Gianna Detroit SC 7 PreliminaryFS B
Gallette Sophia Detroit SC 3 PreJuv FS A
Gibson Lauren Detroit SC 11 Intermediate C Combined 55.12
Gippert Gabrielle Detroit SC 2 ?High Beginner FS
Grandetti Zachary Detroit SC 3 No Test Boys FS
Green Jacquelyn Detroit SC 1 Novice Pairs SP 31.66
Green Jacquelyn Detroit SC 5 Novice Pairs FS 46.09
Guo Jonathan Detroit SC 2 Juvenile Boys FS 35.00
Haddad Madi Detroit SC 7 PrePreliminary FS E
Hung Abigail Detroit SC 6 Intermediate C Combined 68.79
Johnson Brian Detroit SC 4 Junior Pairs FS 76.58
Johnson Brian Detroit SC 1 Junior Pairs SP 47.05
Kotcher Caroline Detroit SC 7 No Test FS B
Lee Addison Detroit SC 4 No Test FS B
Lee Peyton Detroit SC 7 Junior Combined 87.14
Luck Courtney Detroit SC 9 Intermediate B Combined 63.41
McBride Makinna Detroit SC 8 PrePreliminary FS C
McCallum Alicia Detroit SC 4 PreJuv FS A
Messner Lauren Detroit SC 4 Open Juvenile FS
Moore Holly Detroit SC 1 Junior Dance Combined 113.03
Muchnik Izabella Detroit SC 7 PrePreliminary FS D
Nowak Natassja Detroit SC 10 Juvenile D FS 27.60
Poirier Emilie Detroit SC 6 No Test FS A
Pozdol Reagan Detroit SC 4 PrePreliminary FS E
Race Bridget Detroit SC 17 Junior C Combined 62.38
Rebock Jessie Detroit SC 9 No Test FS A
Reid Whitney Detroit SC 6 Novice A Combined 68.61
Rits Emily Detroit SC 2 PrePreliminary FS B
Roslin Chloe Detroit SC 1 Novice F Combined 92.70
Roslin Chloe Detroit SC 8 Novice Final 60.82
Sainte-Marie Laurent Detroit SC 2 No Test Boys FS
Schulte Sydney Detroit SC 5 No Test FS A
Sedlar Jacob Detroit SC 5 Intermediate Men Combined 57.64
Sermet Selin Detroit SC 6 PreliminaryFS B
Shettler Avrie Detroit SC 3 ?High Beginner FS
Tasich Mira Detroit SC 9 Intermediate A Combined 67.69
Techlin Hope Detroit SC 10 No Test FS B
Tedjo Albert Detroit SC 5 Juvenile Boys FS 26.48
Tedjo Jasmine Detroit SC 10 PreliminaryFS B
Totzke Danielle Detroit SC 1 No Test FS A
Uribe Silvana Detroit SC 11 Juvenile C FS 25.77
Uribe Silvana Detroit SC 8 Juvenile C SP 18.79
Vassel-Beasley Jolie Detroit SC 5 Intermediate E Combined 66.97
Verma Sanya Detroit SC 11 Juvenile D FS 24.26
Wada Kimichika Detroit SC 2 PreJuv Boys FS
Wada Yukino Detroit SC 13 Junior Combined 76.53
Walczyk Amber Lynn Detroit SC 14 Senior Combined 99.15
Weingarten Tori Detroit SC 6 Novice D Combined 77.71
Wu Maureen Detroit SC 12 Junior A Combined 68.90
Xiromeritis Ava Detroit SC 8 ?High Beginner FS
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The results here are provided on a voluntary basis by the USFSA accountants that serve "behind the scenes" at every competition you attend. Be sure to thank them and the LOCs for all the work they do. All accountants are invited to send results from any competition that they serve.