Wyandotte Al Viviani Memorial 2008

These are the event results for skaters from Detroit SC

Last First Club Place Event Notes
Budd Kaitlin Detroit SC 5 Intermediate SP (IJS) 25.75
Budd Kaitlin Detroit SC 3 Juvenile FS (IJS) 41.1
Cole Rachel Detroit SC 4 Intermediate SP (IJS) 28.26
Cole Rachel Detroit SC 5 Intermediate FS (IJS) 44.8
Czisny Alissa Detroit SC 1 Senior SP (IJS) 55.03
Czisny Alissa Detroit SC 1 Senior FS (IJS) 113.74
Deluca Caitlin Detroit SC 5 Juvenile FS (IJS) 33.33
Draybuck Alexandra Detroit SC 13 Intermediate SP (IJS) 16.54
Draybuck Alexandra Detroit SC 10 Intermediate FS (IJS) 30.85
Dunne-Bryant Alexandra Detroit SC 1 Masters Championship FS (IJS) 45.45
Dunne-Bryant Alexandra Detroit SC 6 Senior SP (IJS) 28.87
Erikson Meghan Detroit SC 2 Novice FS (IJS) 66.87
Erikson Meghan Detroit SC 3 Novice SP (IJS) 33.15
Glassberg Emily Detroit SC 3 Junior SP (IJS) 27.18
Glassberg Emily Detroit SC 1 Junior FS (IJS) 54.51
Gorecki Joe Detroit SC 1 Novice Men SP (IJS) 39.37
Gorecki Joe Detroit SC 1 Novice Men FS (IJS) 70.97
Gueli Mara Detroit SC 2 Novice SP (IJS) 34.71
Gueli Mara Detroit SC 1 Novice FS (IJS) 67.88
Haase Megan Detroit SC 8 Juvenile FS (IJS) 24.95
Hochrein Katie Detroit SC 11 Intermediate SP (IJS) 20.97
Hochrein Katie Detroit SC 8 Intermediate FS (IJS) 38.57
Hotopp Cyara Detroit SC 3 Junior FS (IJS) 47.45
Hotopp Cyara Detroit SC 1 Junior SP (IJS) 38.01
Hu Amy Detroit SC 4 PreJuv FS A
Israel Leah Detroit SC 6 Juvenile FS (IJS) 29.35
Kish Kaylie Detroit SC 1 PrePrelim Ltd FS A
Kish Kaylie Detroit SC 1 PrePrelim CM
Koehler Madeline Detroit SC 1 Novice SP (IJS) 34.77
Koehler Madeline Detroit SC 3 Novice FS (IJS) 60.58
Koehler Meghan Detroit SC 8 Intermediate SP (IJS) 23.38
Koehler Meghan Detroit SC 2 Intermediate FS (IJS) 57.18
Marron Sarah Detroit SC 6 Novice SP (IJS) 29.68
Marron Sarah Detroit SC 8 Novice FS (IJS) 45.61
Roslin Chloe Detroit SC 2 Preliminary FS A
Secontine Grace Detroit SC 4 Low Beginner FS B
Secontine Grace Detroit SC 2 Low Beginner CM B
Shariak Kaitlyn Detroit SC 9 Novice SP (IJS) 26.59
Telecky Melissa Detroit SC 2 Senior FS (IJS) 84.36
Telecky Melissa Detroit SC 2 Senior SP (IJS) 44.26
Thomas Danielle Detroit SC 5 Preliminary Ltd FS A
Walton Kelsey Detroit SC 10 Intermediate SP (IJS) 21.43
Walton Kelsey Detroit SC 6 Intermediate FS (IJS) 43.86
Wu Maureen Detroit SC 3 PreJuv FS A
Wu Maureen Detroit SC 3 Juvenile SP
Yax Melissa Detroit SC 7 PreJuv FS B
Yax Melissa Detroit SC 4 PreJuv CM
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The results here are provided on a voluntary basis by the USFSA accountants that serve "behind the scenes" at every competition you attend. Be sure to thank them and the LOCs for all the work they do. All accountants are invited to send results from any competition that they serve.